The F@ Diaries: Oh Target, Why Won’t You Let me Buy Clothes!

By Fiesty Fox, a Fattitude intern* AV_Hero610x400_r2


I’d like to purchase some of Target’s plus-size line, but apparently they don’t want my money. Inspired by the two XXL dresses I bought today “In Store” at a local Target, I excitedly settled into my computer chair to see what they were offering online in their much anticipated plus department which is, for the most part, only available online and impossible to find “In Store” because it is hiding between Clearance, Maternity and Men’s. The website had so many cute things and every time I added something to my cart I thought of friends who would also want to order this piece or that piece. When I went to check out, the system told me I could only access my cart by logging in. No big deal. I had to think about it for a minute, but after a few tries I landed on the correct email and password combination to access my account. “Welcome back, Jennifer!” I eagerly clicked on my cart, only to find it was empty. I thought maybe the glitch had to do with the log in process, so I filled my cart again, clicked on “Check Out” only to have the system ask me to log in again. What? Wasn’t I just logged in? Annoyed, I complied, only to find another empty cart. Did I dare waste the time to scroll through pages to choose everything again, only to have the checkout fail? I’m embarrassed to say I tried. (I couldn’t help it! It was like not being able to walk away from a slot machine. I just knew the elusive Triple Cherry was right on the other side.) This time the system simply froze. I closed out the screen and started over, promising myself that I wouldn’t bother if it malfunctioned again – especially because by this time I had no idea of what I’d chosen in the first place or where to find it. And I certainly had no patience to figure it out. At some point I finally made it to the shipping page, but right now, as I type this, the Target website is having trouble accepting the fact that I want the items sent to my house so, like an angry toddler, it is refusing to do anything I ask. Oh, I stand corrected. It just dumped my cart again and logged me out. So, my summary of Target’s Plus Size line is that I found cute items to buy, have no idea if they’d be decent quality or flattering in person, and I’ll never find out because I’m so over trying. PS: I went to a party last night and at least 5 people told me they haven’t been able to complete a @target transaction either. PPS: @target is getting a lot of attention this week for their #bodydiverse swim collection. Here’s what @HuffPost had to say. Target better pull their site together STAT if they want to increase their bottom line.

*This blog post is the opinions of a particular Fattitude’s interns – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.


2 thoughts on “The F@ Diaries: Oh Target, Why Won’t You Let me Buy Clothes!

  1. I had a similar experience when visiting my local Target. I managed to find some swimsuit bottoms to try on and bikini tops, and I am very glad I did. Took the bottoms, didn’t take the tops. They really do need to add more options in store and actually make it presentable and organized. It was scarce and kinda just thrown there. I will say though that I loved the maxi dress I bought from the ava & viv collection.

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