Fattitude’s “Summer of Big Fat Love” Fundraising Campaign

FattitudeSummerofBigFatLoveV3Welcome to our “Summer of Big Fat Love” campaign!! Just as the name suggests, we will be pouring out love, sneak peeks and special goodies all summer long as we continue to raise funds to complete our trailblazing documentary. Beginning June 15th and continuing throughout the summer, we will be releasing clips of never before seen footage.

Unique prizes and “experiences” have been donated by our amazing interviewees and supporters, such as Skype book clubs with book authors, personal messages from famous people or signed copies of DVDs!

Fattitude-JoinEmailOur “Summer of Big Fat Love” is a major part of our overall fundraising strategy. In order to complete production we needs to raise $100,000, which will go towards cinematic finishing, such as sound editing, color correction, graphics and musical score.

Our ultimate goal is to change the national conversation about body image so that it focuses not only on issues of self-acceptance, but also on legitimate questions of systemic cultural prejudice.  We hope to gain mainstream distribution and shake the very foundation upon which fat hatred is built. We encourage others to get involved and be part of a global movement towards social equality and self-love.

Fattitude-DonateNowThis is where YOU come in! We need your support to bring this project to light! We are fiscally sponsored by the Independent Film Project and accept tax-deductible electronically at http://fiscal.ifp.org/project.cfm/754/Fattitude/.

To get involved, visit our website www.fattitudethemovie.com or social media pages Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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