SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Amber Karnes

malasanaAmber Karnes is a ruckus maker, RYT-200 yoga asana teacher, and a lifelong student of her body. And, yes – if you haven’t heard yoga is for all bodies, fat bodies included. 
Amber’s classes and workshops help students of all shapes and sizes find tips, tricks, and modifications to make yoga asana work for their unique body, instead of being squished into poses for the sake of form over function. Amber emphasizes safe alignment and mindful transitions, and guides each student to honor the body they bring to the mat today, while being empowered to learn about the body’s intelligence and power.  Amber is a big fan of “yoga in non-yoga places” and often teaches free, accessible classes in her community. She serves on the Yoga and Body Image Coalition Leadership Team and Women’s Power Space Advisory Council. Amber seeks to further the message of inclusivity, consent, agency, body positivity, and accessibility for all on and off the mat.

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To be clear, Amber is not in Fattitude – but we are a huge supporter of her and she is a huge supporter of us.  So, take the time to get to know her and to learn all about her work in the fight for body acceptance! To learn more check out amber’s blog

1. What inspired you to speak out against weight bias?
We have a lot of cultural attitudes that fat is bad, and that fat is going to kill us, and that we have to eradicate fat by any means necessary, but we don’t have a lot of evidence to back that up. I got tired of the diet culture rat race, of losing and gaining weight over and over again, of being told that I wasn’t good enough, and of believing that I wouldn’t be worthy until I was in a thin body. So I quit dieting and now I practice a Health At Every Size approach to wellness, focusing on joyful movement, intuitive eating, and self-care. I started teaching yoga in 2011, and my goal in teaching is to share the message of body positivity and help each person I come across live better in their unique body. Our bodies are not problems to be solved!

2. Why do you support Fattitude the movie?
Because we need to change the conversation about body image, stop discrimination of fat people, and end diet culture. And I think Fattitude the Movie is a key piece toward that goal!

4. What is your favorite Yoga Pose?
My favorite pose is Trikonasana. I feel total freedom in that pose. I’m balanced and there is that edge between effort and ease that I’m always chasing in my practice, whereas in triangle pose, I find it almost immediately.

5. You won a shopping spree at the store of your choice. Where would you go?! I’ll take one of everything!  (We love Modcloth too! Lindsey buys almost all her clothes there!


Amber has donated an incredible prize to encourage people to give to Fattitude so that we can complete the production of our film! Checkout Amber’s offer in the video below!



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