SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Advocate Amanda Trusty

AmandabwSo, we’ve never met her, but we are definitely fans of Amanda Trusty of! There was a time when Amanda lived the life of a ballerina in New York. And then, one day she decided she’d had enough. She tossed her tutu, pointe shoes and eating disorder in the trash. She threw her faithful tap shoes in her suitcase and headed for the Big Island of Hawaii and life filled with Aloha Spirit, free of the conflicting voices in her head telling her, essentially, that she sucked at being human. With sunshine, warm breezes and the lull of the ocean to bolster her, her journey of self love began.

In November of 2013, Amanda posted a video to YouTube of her tapping a legit burlesque routine to Katy Perry’s, “Roar,” that is so empowering itchokes us up. Amanda had no idea that her short 4-minute performance would carry such a loud “roar.” Resonating strongly across the globe, Amanda’s video has been viewed by just about 1,000,000 people.  Ultimately, Amanda’s fans dubbed her, “The Roar Girl,” and she realized that her voice was important and that she had a gift she needed to share.

images-4Amanda now devotes her time to teaching tap to anyone of any age, and, via her website, she helps others learn to fall in love with the person they are today, not who they might become. Fattitude loves the Roar Girl because of her dedication to positively impacting lives around the world and letting others know that being exactly who they are, right this second, is enough.

We would have loved to have asked her our Big Fat Summer of Love (#sobfl) questions in person – preferably in Hawaii while wearing our sassy #fatkinis and sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach. Maybe one day! For now we will settle for listening to her roar right here instead.


What inspired you to speak out against weight bias?

I have been a part of the performance industry since I am three years old, and I was unaware how much it affected my body image because I was so immersed in it. When I was fifteen I started dieting for dance, but secretly binged at every turn. It got worse as I went off to college for musical theatre and then moved to New York City to audition. So much of auditioning is about physical appearance. Before you even open your mouth to sing, you’ve been sized up for costumes and if you would look good next to the leading man. And that’s not what they taught us in college. At age 26 I was finally diagnosed with binge-eating disorder and I was not sad – I was pissed. And I wanted to express that. So I started a blog speaking on the issues of eating disorders and body image in the performance industry and fellow actors and dancers were sending me feedback like crazy. I realized I need to write what I needed to read ten years ago, and that’s how my advocacy, the Roar video, and my retreats came about.


Why do you support Fattitude the movie?

At this moment, there is so much reading material on body positivity and fat activism that it’s overwhelming. Social media is flooded with articles that seem worthy, until you click on it and it’s just another quote by Jennifer Lawrence about how women shouldn’t give up burgers to fit social standards. Finally, someone has put all the material that we need to see in one convenient spot – a movie. Reading material from Virgie Tovar, Marilynn Wann, and Jes Baker is great, but hearing them speak it, is 100 times more powerful. I cannot wait for this film to infiltrate the masses and quite literally speak to the world on the subject of body acceptance and fat acceptance.

What is your favorite Yoga Pose?

Girl my favorite yoga pose is downward dog, and that’s because I’m a dancer and it stretches everything I need to stretch real quick.

You won a shopping spree at the store of your choice. Where would you go?
Lululemon. Controversy of sizing and that fired CEO aside, I live in this stuff because I teach dance. Spandex is my work uniform every day. And I try other brands but they slip down under my belly or they make me sweat and if I could afford it, I would just have allllll the Lululemon.

Amanda wants to see Fattitude the movie completed and so do we! Help us make that happen by donating.



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