We have a Winner! Anne won a Space in Babe Camp!



Yay! We are so happy to announce that Anne won admission to Virgie Tovar’s Babe Camp! Anne had this to say:

image1In a society that condemns people based solely on weight, activists and educators like Virgie Tovar and movies that promotes awareness and acceptance like Fattitude are hugely important.  Children and adults are told that they are “wrong” based on arbitrary beauty standards created to fuel industries that prey on peoples’ insecurities.  Whole lives are wasted in guilt, shame, and self-hate.  People make themselves sick and even die trying to conform to impossible “ideals.”  But we can change this, and we are changing this.  Body positivity and fat acceptance allow everyone to embrace their amazing bodies and their awesome selves.  Thank you to everyone out there, especially Virgie, Lindsey, and Viri, for helping spread the word that we are all wonderful just as we are.

We are so happy for you Anne. Enjoy! Up next $100 gift certificate to Curvy Girl Lingerie.

Find out more at Fattitude!


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