Fattitude’s 4 Tips for a Fabulous Fat 4th

Happy 4th of July, Fattitude Fans!

Today is the day that we celebrate US independence – and all that our independence stands for –  the freedom to speak our minds, to be whoever and whatever we were born to be and to stand up for what we believe in. Today is the day that we celebrate our right – our freedom – to question and overturn an oppressive authority.

So – this July 4th We wanted to remind you that you should not only be celebrating the independence of our country but also – your right to declare your bodily independence!

Here are Fattitude’s four tips for Celebrating Your Independence from Haters and Owning Your Freedom from Negative Influence this 4th of July!

1. Embrace the reality that you have every right to be treated with respect no matter the size or shape of your body! You are amazing just the way you are right now. You are worthy and powerful. Your voice matters. You’re size doesn’t. Know that.

2. Declare your independence today by wearing whatever you want to wear. NO rules. Swimsuits, Fatkinis, Shorts, Crop tops – whatever. Go crazy. Enjoy yourself – and don’t get hung up on other people’s judgements of you because together we are going to change their ideas and cause a shift in their thinking and soon enough they too will realize that you are worthy of respect right now!

3. Start living your life today – not 5, or 10 or 100lbs from now. Go swimming. Eat a hot dog and an red, white, and blue cupcake. Play volleyball or bake in the sun. Paint your face. Watch the fireworks. This holiday is for you just as much as it is for everyone else. Celebrate your life.

4. Speak up. If some one says something to you about your weight, your dress, your health, tell them it’s none of their business and that their comments are not welcome. (This is freedom from fat-shaming and concern trolling – you’re and adult there is no reason people should treat you like a child.)

PS: (We know your not all from the US – and we love that. So, if you’re not from the US – we hope that our celebration of US independance still resontates for you!)

Xo, Fattitude family


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