SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Magnoliah Black

magnoliah-blackAs a dancer, singer, MC, producer, betazoid and storyteller, Magnoliah Black breaks all boundaries blending modern burlesque with performance art and activism. A proud former member of Rub, you can find her lighting up Bay Area stages with the nation’s longest running Queer Cabaret Show Red Hots Burlesque.

As far as we’re concerned, no one is kinder or more welcoming that Magnoliah. When Fattitude was just a twinkle in our thoughts, Magnoliah allowed us to film in her home and welcomed us with laughter and grace. Ever since, she has been delighted to support us in any way she can. Also – no one is more genuine or inspiring. In fact, she may even have already inspired you! At the close of the #fattitude trailer, it is  Magnoliah who says,  “You can be a fat person and be fucking phenomenal!” We couldn’t agree more!

For more Magnoliah inspiration, check out her answers to the Summer of Big Fat Love (#sobfl) questions:

  1. What inspired you to speak out against weight bias?

imagesDating. I wish I could tell you that it was some cosmic deep conscious root but dating a complete asshole was my tipping point.  After several outings with someone who would not hold my hand in public but beasted me in the bedroom I realized how I was living my life as a grateful fatty who accepted scraps of emotion or praise. I believed that I didn’t deserve real love, great sex or higher pay. Hating my own body had ruined my life and it just broke me to think that other people were stuck or FORCED into the existence of the unspoken hyphenated fat: “fat is stupid, fat is ugly, fat is lazy”.

I started living my life in an undeniable way and transitioned from constantly fighting my fears to happily living my dreams I found my voice and started using it.  Still screaming the same damn thing because no one, not even you, gets to put baby in the corner.

  1. imgres-2Why do you support Fattitude the movie?

Fatphobia has destroyed so many people in so many ways.  To walk the earth believing that you are incapable, unlovable or deserving of humiliation is like a jaunt through hell.

To believe that hurting someone because they do not meet a socialized beauty myth designed to subjugate our bodies and pocketbooks is okay and “helping them” is the antitheses of okay.  It’s dangerous.  It kills.  I support Fattitude because these myths we have around shells that house our selves need to be torn down and rebuilt through empirical data and personal narratives by those who have been silenced.

I support Fattitude because it takes our single voices and magnifies them into a chorus screaming “I get to be in this world, I get to do great things, I get to be seen really seen for the full sum of my being.”


Different ways of being an every day activist.  You don’t have to walk around shouting all the time.  It can be as simple as a tight skirt or sweater free spaghetti straps or eating a meal alone… in public!

  1. Sweet or savory?


  1. Who growing up made you feel the best and how did they show it?

My best friend Elizabeth.  It’s hard to put it into words.  She was there.  There was never a doubt that she would not be there. We were pieces of each other growing up.  We kept those tender parts of each other safe.  She always showed up, always pushed me to do my best.  She taught me that family was something you could choose for yourself.

Want to learn more about Magnoliah? Check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Wanna see Fattitude the movie get complete? Then…


Watch the Fattitude Trailer:




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