SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Rajdulari

Copy of Copy of _8016819-1When we, at Fattitude, listen to the talented Jazz and Soul singer, plus model and entrepreneur , Rajdulari, sing her celebratory self-love anthem, “Natural,” wew32 are so inspired! Admittedly, some of our zeal is due in part to how much we absolutely adore Rajdulari, but most of it is because of the bubbly video, the catchy and relate-able lyrics and her incredible voice! In a few minutes time, “Natural,” relays Rajdulari’s journey from self-hate to self-love, a story that resonates with so many. Via her incredibly smooth and melodic voice, Rajdulari shares her discovery that, no matter what she has believed in the past, she has always been perfect – especially in her most “natural” form – from Ddy one .

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Rajdulari (@rajdularimusic) is more than an up-and-coming force in the world of Jazz and Soul. In fact, she was voted soultrain’s Best of What’s Next, A Soulful Artist to Watch in 2014. Her music always carries uplifting and empowering themes and it is clear to any listener that sharing ideas of hope and love through song fills her heart. We are so grateful that she shares her talent and wise self-reflection with the world – especially because her ideals are one and the same with Fattitude Movie. And, through the questions for the Summer of Big Fat Love (#sobfl), we are thrilled to provide you with a little more of Rajdulari’s voice.

1. What inspired you to speak out against weight bias?

I was tired of seeing so many negative images in the media judging women for their size and ridiculing women who didn’t fit into our “Societal” standard of beauty. We gorgeous women come in all shapes and sizes! Should we strive to be healthy? Absolutely. Is it ok for women to be shamed and degraded because they don’t fit into a size 2? Heck no!

FattitudeLogoFinalCOLORcrop2. Why do you support Fattitude the movie?

I love that this film is dedicated to educating and embracing women to love themselves and to accept who they are, just as they are. And I think it’s incredibly important that we continue to create positive media that uplifts and encourages women instead of tearing them down. “Be the change that you wish to see . . .”

3. What was your favorite thing you discussed in your interview for Fattitude the Movie?

I really enjoyed speaking out about Plus Sized women in the music industry and the challenges we face as artists. Especially in an industry that is increasingly focused more on “image” and less on “talent”. Loving yourself and creating art that celebrates who you are is a fierce act of defiance!

4. Who is your favorite musical artist?

It’s hard to list one, so I’ll say these artists inspire me with their love of self, their positive music, and their fierce business acumen: Jill Scott, Ledisi, Queen Latifah, Dianne Reeves, Erykah Badu, Rapsody and Janelle Monae.

5. What’s your favorite body part and why?

Under CD-FINAL rtI love my curves, all of them! My hips, my thighs, my back, my eyes and lips. All of it! My body is my superhero. She’s strong, curvy, thick and awesome, and she carries me proudly through this crazy world with all of its ups and downs.

Want more of this incredible woman in your life? In case you missed the link above, you can see Rajdulari’s, “Natural,” video by clicking here. You can listen to and purchase Rajdulari’s new album, “Journey of a Woman”, by clicking here.

Photo credit goes to Kevin B. Tyson. Styling credit goes to Steffany Allen. MUA credit goes to Kami Williams-Persinthe.

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