SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Andrew Walen

Unknown-2Psychotherapist Andrew Walen, is the founder of Columbia, Maryland’s Body Image Therapy Center which specializes in eating disorders, substance abuse, body image, anxiety and depression. In particular – Andrew has made it part of his mission to help men find a space to heal from eating disorders and he is fiercely working to help people understand how the male population often gets excluded when it comes to ED treatment and discussion.

Unknown-3Andrew not only has extensive professional experience, but also personal, as he, himself, has recovered from an eating disorder. His personal experience allows him insight into the mind of men with eating disorders (he even wrote a book on the topic) and reminds us that fat men, like fat women, need specialized support to make peace with their bodies.

Honestly though – it doesn’t matter if he is talking about men or women – Andrew has a very strong voice with regards to Fat Discrimination. He has been featured on numerous morning news shows – including the Today Show – and serves on a number of eating disorder focused boards, associations and academies.

10384680_10206501008222174_5667199589895183840_nAndrew’s work is serious but his personality is anything but . . . A former professional singer and songwriter, Andrew is creative, kind, warm and regularly fills the room with a deep resounding laughter that could make anyone feel joy. We feel that his upbeat and compassionate spirit allows Andrew to care for patients in a tender and magnanimous way, defining the kind of provider he is and the success his patients experience.

We feel so lucky that Andrew is part of Fattitude the Movie because he is such a wonderful person and his perspective makes the film so much better.

Andrew answered our questions via video! Check it out and be sure to visit

Watch the Fattitude Trailer:




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