Fattitude Needs Writers and Guest Bloggers!

TypicDo you have something to say about living a fat life or do you want to tell us about your body positive journey! We are so into that – Below you will find a list of our columns that are open to new writers and guest bloggers. If you would like to join our team as either a regular writer or a one time guest blogger send us a message on facebook – noting what you would like to write about and what coulmn you think your voice would be perfect for!

Body Positive Journey:
This column allows someone to either tell a particular experience of their body positive journey or a “coming out” as fat-accepting or something similar. This column is always a 1st person essay about a the uniquely personal journey that is body acceptance.

Body Positive Politics:
This column talks weight stigma, intersectional oppression, civil rights issues – travel, doctors etc. this can be either journalistic essay or 1st person essay. But no matter what the focus here is on identifying injustice and working to change that injustice.

The F@ Word: This is a personal essay about living a fat life – and having fat experiences. This can be about clothes, shopping, parenting, relationships, cooking – it doesn’t really matter the topic of the essay as long as it is seen through the lens of one’s fatness or perceived fatness.

Fat Fitness
This is a column that either features a fat athlete that’s famous or a personal essay about an experience with fat fitness.

If you want to review the kinds of posts that fit these categories be sure to click around the Fattitude website and blog. All posts are under 1000 words and reoccur weekly!



4 thoughts on “Fattitude Needs Writers and Guest Bloggers!

  1. I would be delighted to write for your website. I’ve been a fan of Fattitude since 2014, right after I modeled a pink baby doll piece of sexy lingerie fluff in Chrystal Bougon’s Curvy Girl Fashion Show. Modeling was in incredibly empowering experience and through FB friending after the show, I found that Body Positivity is all over the web. I’ve been lurking, watching the movement grow, leaving comments on feeds of amazing women who are beginning to believe they are worthy. I modeled again this year and it was again completely FAB.

    I am a poet and a writer and have been a girl geek for over 20 years. I’m moving away from the cubicle culture to follow my passion. My poetry collection, From Ashes To Ecstasy, is a collection of transformational poetry that is full of universal truths, familiar problems, cookie dough, and psychic vampires. The poems draw the reader into a journey along the path of personal transformation from darkness through hard work into energy, connection, and light. I’m currently doing readings around Northern California and making slide shows to put up on YouTube.

    What I propose for Fattitude is my 100 Healthy Days project. I started this last summer, but then got totally off track. But I was going to start a new blog to document my journey, but then I thought I could write them for Fattitude and, you know, get actual readers.

    The key to this journey towards health (NOT a diet) is twofold:

    1. A set of 7 New Rules, or Grounding Guidelines, that change the way I am thinking about my relationship to my body. I’m including them at the end of this email.
    2. The big question for me is: What if getting healthy were FUN? How would that look? What would I do differently if I didn’t see it as a huge burden?

    I’ve got an initial blogpost written and each point (and subpoint) of each rule is worth at least two blogposts (not necessarily run consecutively, it’s nice to have a mix). In addition, as I go along my journey, I will talk about what I uncover and what I find working/not working for me.

    I love your message and would be delighted to be a contributor.


    TC Currie

    #100HealthyDays: Grounding Guidelines

    1. Do One New Thing
    a. If I do one Healthy Thing today, then I’m doing better than I did last week.
    b. If you always do what you always did, you’re always going to get what you always got.

    2. No Shaming allowed. No fat shaming, no food shaming, no workout shaming. I’m doing the best I can.

    3. I AM my Body.
    a. My body is my support, my partner, my companion and my guide.
    b. We are working together on this journey.

    4. Food is just food.
    a. Food is not “good” or “bad.” It’s just food.
    b. Food *is* fuel, and some food is better at providing fuel for your body than other food.
    i. Vegetables, lean meats, whole grains are all good fuel
    c. This doesn’t mean you can’t have other food, or that other food is *bad* or you can beat yourself up for eating pizza or chocolate croissants or ice cream.
    i. Just don’t confuse that with providing your body fuel.

    5. I Decide that Today is a Good Day.
    a. The number on the scale does not have that power
    b. The food I eat does not have that power
    c. My missed workout does not have that power
    d. I am strong, I am beautiful

    6. No Comparisons
    a. No Comparing myself to others.
    b. This is my journey. They are on their own journey.
    i. I don’t know what their path is like, or where they’ve been.

    7. Celebrate every little step toward health.
    a. I am making positive changes in my life
    b. Focus on the positive, on what I AM accomplishing
    c. Good things are happening. Pay Attention!

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