Announcement CALL FOR PAPERS: In Our Skin: Our Bodies, Our Stories

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Demeter Press
is seeking submissions for the edited collection entitled
In Our Skin: Our Bodies, Our Stories
Editors: Jill Andrew & May Friedman
Deadline for Abstracts: November 15, 2015
We seek submissions – body stories– from women (trans-inclusive) who self-identify as fat, curvy, voluptuous, plus size, etc. We encourage those submitting to reflect, document and analyze relationships with their bodies in conversation with or informed by the many social locations we all occupy (i.e. gender, disability, race, class, sex, sexuality, disability, religion, geography, age etc.) as well as our multiple roles and performances we embody (family members, mothers, workers, students, consumers etc.)
We are interested in learning about women’s body experiences which includes our ways of navigating in, through and with institutions that have historically discredited certain bodies based on body weight, shape and size among other intersectional embodiments of so-called rebellion (i.e. race, disability, class, gender etc.). Outside of individual stories about our bodies and experience(s), we are also interested in submissions that critique socio-culturally normalized body ideals and the systems/economies (i.e. diet industry, media, family & ancestry, food politics, healthcare, social services, housing, transportation etc.) that uphold these ideals while proposing newer ways of being and living in our bodies, “talking back” and transforming spaces. We invite academic, non-academic, accessible, community-based, narrative and creative submissions from women of diverse disciplines and life philosophies to submit.
Topics may include (but are not limited):

Our bodies in relation to sites of learning (i.e. school, popular culture, politics, social media, technology, environment, geography, fa(t)shion, anti-fashion movements, countercultures etc.); personal stories of coming into/out of knowing our bodies; women, friendships & our bodies; our bodies as mothers; lovers & our bodies; desirability; critiques of body regulation practices (i.e. surgeries, excessive exercise, to waist-training etc.); globalization and our bodies; fat archetypes “good” and “bad” fat; critiques of body acceptance and fat activist movements; commentaries/examples of our fat activisms, ally activisms; futurisms and reimagining our bodies; functions of fat phobia; unpacking “beautiful”; the beauty of ugly; fat sheroes and superpowers; neoliberalism and fat body politics; memories our bodies hold; our bodies in/through space and/or time; fatness and representation including transgressive representations; fat bodies and access/in access to services; our families and our bodies; our bodies & health care; fat biopolitics; historicizing our bodies, and our body as archive.
Submission Guidelines:
Abstract/Proposal (150-300 words) with a 50-word biography due: November 15, 2015
Acceptance notices will be made by: January 15, 2016
Completed chapters (15-18 pages double-spaced with references in MLA format) and creative submissions (length/format discussed with editors upon notice of acceptance) due: April 15, 2016
Please send inquiries and abstracts to the editors at
140 Holland St. West, PO. Box 13022 Bradford, ON, L3Z 2Y5 (tel) 905-775-5215

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