The F@ Diaries: Sweating

sweating1Written by Samantha Lee Jones, a Fattitude Guest Blogger


That time of year in which the sun is at its hottest and brightest is slowly coming to an end, and I for one am so happy! I can’t wait for Autumn, crunchy leaves, and rain. The same amount of clothes but with less sweating.

As a big girl, I tend to sweat a lot. And turn red from being hot. Always have.

It’s only been the last few years that I have tried to actually combat it, rather than just living with it in patchy shame.

And this goes for anyone who tends to sweat a lot in public: Those going through the menopause with those awkward, hit-you-at-anytime hot flashes, those who are pregnant, and those who are generally anxious. I know I’m at my hottest most flustered when my anxiety is in full force, not to mention an actual panic attack occurring.

There are several ways to help with sweating when it comes to your crotch, underarms, and back, such as feminine spray, wipes, and cooler clothes.

But I want to focus on something else.

I want to talk about the sweaty face!

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than standing in a line at the pharmacy, beads of sweaty hot heat forming on your upper lip, and your nose, your face as red as a tomato.

I hate it!

And I look around and it seems like no one else feels the same. Everybody else just looks normal.

Then come the remarks, the comments. Just yesterday while at the post office, two separate times, both a male staff member and a female staff member said something to me about being hot and sweaty.

“Why are you hot? It’s raining outside!”


“You’re hot? Strange. I’m cold.”

I mean…Why? And this is not new to me. Why do people feel the need to comment on it? I’m clearly uncomfortable, fidgeting around with various things trying to cool myself down.

It’s plain rude.

And you’re not just asking a normal question, you’re telling me it’s not normal. It’s weird for you to see.

Well, I don’t care what is weird for you. I’m hot. And sweating. Mind your own business and eff off!

So those various things I mentioned? Well, there are a few things that I have come to doing when the fever sets in.

I have tried wet wipes – which only make my skin feel soggy. I have tried mist sprays. And aside from them being hit and miss (accidentally half spraying the person next to you, or getting it in your eyes, is not going to go over too well at work, or bustling around the city.)

So that really only leavsweating3es my golden two.

Tissues. Tissues. Tissues.

Or a hanky.

Whichever you like the feel of more, and are more comfortable using in front of other people. I use pocket tissues and I don’t go anywhere without them.

I permanently have one in my hand when I’m on my way somewhere, or waiting in a queue, a quick dab and wipe of a soft Kleenex feels so good, and the sweat is temporarily at bay. It’s quick, easy, and indiscriminate.

A fan.

Not a handheld battery operated thing that runs out after about half an hour, but a pretty folding fan. They’re much better, and you can easily find lovely designs to match your favorite outfit or handbag, so it can quickly become your new favorite thing.

I always bust mine out, and often get good, nice comments too, from people saying what a good idea it is, and that they wished they’d have thought of it.

So not only is it cool, it’s a conversation starter with that stranger you always see on the tube in the morning and often think about talking to.

Don’t get me wrong, these things don’t solve a sweaty problem, shutting it down, never to perspire again. They simply help, and maybe bring down the embarrassment factor a little.sweating2

I know I sometimes feel very self conscious when my face is red and I’m frantically trying to cool down. I feel like people are constantly staring, judging, and wondering why I let myself get like this.

Truth is, I have come to mostly accept it, and with a few handy items in my bag, I have learned to shut that sh*t down pretty much as soon as it begins.

So, next time you’re rushing to your first date with someone, or sitting on public transport slowly getting hotter and hotter, whip out the fan, close your eyes, and let the breeze wash over you.

Because damn if it doesn’t feel good!

*This blog post is the opinion of a particular guest blogger – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.


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