Fattitude Media Round-Up: 10/29/15

FattitudeLogoFinalCOLORcropLindsey and Viri are both traveling this week for their crazy busy schedules, but they will be back next week for media round-up! So this week enjoy The Feisty Fox, Kairo, Amanda and Melissa talking about their media rants and raves!

The Feisty Fox: I planned to discuss Hulu’s, Casual, this week and how one of the main characters, Alex, is bewildered by how much he emotionally and images-3physically connects with a fat girl. The plot line, however, is still developing, so I’ll wait to see where it goes before commenting. (Spoiler Alert: The fat girl is awesome!)

In the meantime, I will instead talk about this week’s episode of Last Man on Earth. The show is a comedic and lighthearted take on a post-apocalyptic world and in this episode, one of the characters, Todd, played by Mel Rodriguez (who is fat), is acting suspiciously. His housemates, who have resorted to cricket casseroles because their food supply has been running low and/or expiring, soon learn it is because he’s been gorging on bacon that he’s been hiding from them in a neighboring house.

 Ah, so the fat guy is a sneaky, selfish, compulsive eater who has no self control or moral compass? It makes me so mad that fat people continue to be portrayed in such a negative light because it perpetuates the vicious stereotypes we have to fight.
I will say this, however; the main character on the show, Phil/Tandy, played by Will Forte (@orvilleIV), is also sneaky, selfish and has demonstrated a questionable moral compass. The thing is, none of his story lines have involved food. No, that was saved for the fat guy. The fat guy who is super hot.

Kairo: Hey beauties! Okay I am so late on this I know, but I am finally getting my Netflix fix with Gotham. First and foremost I love this show and how it chooses to go about showing us exactly how corrupt Gotham City truly is and why. Last night, all wrapped up in my Miss Piggy blanket (pink), I saw a scene that I actually loved. Harvey Bullock, played by the absolutely sexy Donal Logue, stumbled into James Gordon’s apartment drunk with a gorgeous plus size woman on his arm. They both had obviously had a good time prior to arriving and planned on continuing it albeit in Gordon’s bedroom. After introducing her as if she was a goddess Harvey then told her to meet him in the bedroom and to put on her “birthday suit.” Yes! I will meet you any day Mr. Logue.barre

Melissa Mazza: I like to think of myself as a compassionate and conscientious person, striving to shine my little light into a dark world.  That is why it constantly breaks my heart and boggles my mind at how cruel people can be to other people (and to animals for that matter).  I can’t figure out what drives people to bully, shame, or harass others, and it absolutely infuriates me when I read stories about people who go out of their way to shower bigotry and hatred onto another person.  Last week a newspaper article about a new fitness studio was published in The Frederick News Post. One reader actually found it necessary to cut the article out from the paper, write ignorant and hateful body-shaming comments all over it and MAIL IT to the gym owners!  She commented that “pictures/articles like this give others a license to be overweight or obese.” and “you are overweight and borderline obese”, and she even thought it dignified to include her own body stats as to prove her “superiority” over the women! Enraging, right? But there is a silver lining to this story!  The two gym owners turned her bitter lemons into delicious lemonade through a body positive blog post to inspire students! I hope this brings them tons of new business and support!  Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Amanda: If someone tells you that fat phobia does not exist, or that the media is pampered by political correctness in general, refer them to Family Guy. Any episode. I remembered feeling uncomfortable with the jokes when I saw it years ago, but my recent exposure to it triggered all out disgust. It was like a road map to how I’ve grown as a person: I could deconstruct and explain how harmful the jokes were, whereas they simply would have made me uncomfortable before.


* This blog post includes the opinion of Fattitude interns – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.

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