Fattitude Media Round-Up: 11/13/15

FattitudeLogoFinalCOLORcropSo at Fattitude we have decided that rather than gripe and rave about the media we see all week to each other – we are going to share our raves and rants with you! If you think there is something we’ve missed that we so have to see – let us know by either commenting below or messaging us on Facebook!

al-roker-sizedViri: Over the years as I’ve gained critical observation skills in the conversation about our bodies, my internal alert pings almost every minute of every day at both positive and negative instances in media. Lindsey and I like to joke that we’ve been “unplugged from the matrix”, and it’s true; it’s everywhere. In Fattitude, Lisa Tealer reminds us that the idea of “death by a thousand cuts” matters. I witnessed one of those cuts this morning on The Today Show. Al Roker was celebrating his “Rokerthon: Taking America by Storm,”a rapid 50-state tour with a montage of his greatest hits and in a passing moment in front of the Blue Angels pilots, he states, “If I had that jumpsuit on, it would be ‘does this make look fat?’, cause it would.” Al, we understand you’re job is to add humor, but does it have to be aimed at fatness? Why can’t it be about how you would fair being a pilot or something particular to those skilled human beings lined up behind you? It’s even more problematic when you recall that Al himself has had a public weight loss journey that still clearly holds a front seat in his mind. This moment lasted probably 5 seconds but it matters. It’s catalogued and filed away by the viewer in their mind-warehouse of shame. These jokes don’t come and go like the weather Al, you can have a hand in forecasting a brighter future by accepting yourself today.

abc_swimsuits_03_lb_151112_12x5_1600Lindsey: OKAY – did y’all see Mandy, our intern on GMA. CHeck it our here. We love that GMA did this piece and that they chose Mandy! Admittedly, this isn’t Mandy’s first moment of self love – she’s been hanging with us for quite a while and she follows lots of body positive voices. Earlier this year Mandy booked a national modeling campaign – because she’s gorgeous and savvy, constantly working to get herself work and exposure. Mandy is beautiful and we are super proud of her for following her dreams. That said, I want you to know that Mandy not only looks gorgeous in her swimsuit but she also feels confident and loves herself because she’s a cool, smart, geeky badass who makes incredible halloween costumes and party set design- does incredible professional makeup and has an intense love for Dr. Who. Television is television, people and while – this clip looks like the bikini was Mandy’s body image solution – wearing a bikini on national television was just one step in her journey.  She’s put in the work, just like all of us on this journey. And as Ashley Garham points out it doesn’t happen overnight.

Melissa Mazza:

Whitney Way Thore’s new video on bias in the media is badass spot on!

Whitney compares her interview with Eamonn Holmes to that of Megan Jayne. The two ladies are both feminists, with a history of eating disorders and promote body positivity.  But ironically enough, the two interviews had nobsstarkly different tones.  Her comparison shows that when a woman is considered to be ‘close enough’ to the cultural standard of beauty (thin/hourglass curvy) her message of body positivity is celebrated and congratulated. But if that woman is fat, the conversation is totally different, and centers on a fat ‘lingering death sentence’ and ‘glorifying’ obesity. I love that Whitney so intelligently picks apart this bias for us to see.  She argues that society is so much more eager to be sympathetic to eating disorders when the afflicted person is thin versus fat. Totally true, been there! She makes a very powerful statement which rings true for so many of us; “I am fighting for the right to be recognized as a woman who has a brain, and who has ambitions and talents and can contribute to this world in ways that have nothing to do with the way I look. So basically I’m fighting to be recognized for the same reasons thHeal-4at men are.” WOW Preach Whitney! You rock my world!

Amanda: Can I just say that doing the Media Round Up has made me notice that I absorb a lot of body-negative media? So, where I do refresh my mind with #bodyposi content? Well, for one thing, I like to browse Everyday Feminism most mornings while I drink my coffee. EF challenges me a lot – and makes me head-bang in approval like I’m an 80s teen at a metal concert. The most recent piece I really dug is about parenting around weight issues. I think that it’s really hard to call out parents in particular, because people get REALLY offended if you try to offer unsolicited parent advice. Anyhow, I think that these tips work with not only helping children, but are good to put in practice to help yourself resist negative cultural messages.


* This blog post includes the opinion of Fattitude interns – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.

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