A Very Militant Baker and “The Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” Book Reading

by Melissa Mazza, Fattitude InternFatBook

I have a very special, super body positive tale to tell you!  Once upon a time, on a fateful evening in November, a few of the very lovely, amazing, talented Fattitude intern superstars found themselves in the same place at the same time!  The cosmos aligned and the ladies found themselves in a magical bookstore in NYC to hear a reading by the fabulous Jes Baker from her new book “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls”. The evening was exciting, enchanting and euphoric! (The only thing sorely missing were the other superstar interns! Boo!)

In case you don’t know Jes Baker (and you should!) she is all that is right in this socially unjust world.  She is a fierce body love advocate and brilliant author, with a radiant presence and an incomparable outlook on life.  In short, she is freaking awesome! If you are fat and/or have ever felt ‘less-than’ or ‘un-worthy’ because of your body, you need this book ASAP!!  The book also features captivating guest essays from other badass activists, including Virgie Tovar, Chrystal Bougon and Bruce Sturgell! 

Her excerpt reading made me laugh, cry, and reflect on my own internal struggles with diet culture, fat phobia and self love.  It is truly a unique and radical new book!

Here are the top 3 things I learned from the evening’s festivities:

by: Van Scribbles
by: Van Scribbles
  1. In order to be more body positive, you need to surround yourself with more body positivity.  Sounds simple, but this has truly made the greatest impact for me finding self-love and acceptance at any size.  I am creating a healthy body image for myself through talking about diet-culture and BS societal beauty standards with like-minded women, and bombarding myself with diverse body images, essays and platforms to reinforce those ideas.
  2. The fat activism community is by far the best group of awesome people you will ever meet!  At the reading I had the great privilege of meeting a handful of personal heroes, including Substantia Jones of The Adipositivity Project, Marie Southard Ospina, associate fashion & beauty editor of Bustle, and Crystal Kiss! Get to know these people!
  3. YOU are worthy of all good things. YOU are worthy of taking up space in this world. YOU are beautiful and important. Period. Our worth is based on the fact that we’re loving human beings. Our color, size, shape, gender etc. has no impact whatsoever on this, except to make us who we are.

For one night, fat activism, feminism and body love came together at just the right time, and everything was perfect and beautiful!

The End

(Clockwise) Viri, Lindsey, Melissa Mc, Melissa M, Jes Baker
(Clockwise) Viri, Lindsey, Melissa Mc, Melissa M, Jes Baker

* This blog post includes the opinion of Fattitude interns – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.


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