Fattitude Media Round-Up: 11/20/15

FattitudeLogoFinalCOLORcropSo at Fattitude we have decided that rather than gripe and rave about the media we see all week to each other – we are going to share our raves and rants with you! If you think there is something we’ve missed that we so have to see – let us know by either commenting below or messaging us on Facebook!


Viri: If I have to hear one more television personality or magazine tell me how to control my eating on Thanksgiving, I’m finding one of those banner-planes to fly a message in the sky next week proclaiming, “It’s okay to eat.” I promise you, Thanksgiving was not a holiday created to set you up to fail. I happen to be one of those historically-accurate people who question the holiday to begin with but I can’t deny my love of green bean casserole and thus, if someone wants to cook me a particular meal on the third Thursday of November, I will eat it…without guilt. There is so much fear sitting in the sidecar of Thanksgiving. This freedom-rule of eating applies to every day, not just the day where everyone agrees the term “feast” applies. So, please, for the love of Fattitude, enjoy every bite you eat and support your green-bean-casserole mates to do the same.

Lindsey: I have a relationship with MS. AMBER RILEY that is all love people. I was particularly obsessed when she was on dancing with the stars. Then she agreed to be the keynote at last years Curvycon. And now this: 12274282_983651341690962_915977610883341842_n

Literally, could this be any fucking better. This woman is all vibrance and talent and wow.  When it comes to conversations about beauty and empowerment – I tend to err on the side of the lovely Virgie Tovar, who has been known to say “imagine a world where women and girls can have bigger aspirations than beauty.” That said – Amber reminds us that you can be big, bold, and beautiful. This image is a promo for the remake of the Wiz, by the way. And, If you didn’t notice, I’m in. Year after year – Amber – you are my body positive hollywood role model. #justsaying.

claire-danes-a-1024Melissa M: Earlier this week, actress Claire Danes made a really important statement about personal worth and value in our society. She said, “It’s OK to be powerful in every way: to be big, to take up space. To breathe and thrive.” It took some time for me to really let that sink in. To be big and to take up space?  To thrive?  Really? I believe that we learn early on what qualities are ‘most valuable’ in society – being thin, pretty, wealthy etc. We judge ourselves against these metrics, as do our peers, and we assign ourselves a ‘worth’.  As life goes on, judgment and comments from others, bullying, abuse, making mistakes and not recognizing our talents, all eat away at our innate sense of worth. I was a fat child, and I internalized that as I was not ‘worthy’.  I did not deserve the same respect others did, and I certainly didn’t deserve to take up space, to feel good about myself or to thrive. It has taken years to peel back those layers of lies and body shame. I’m certainly not there yet, but I am not the same as I once was. Claire Danes is totally right – we ALL deserve to be powerful, to be big and take up space and to thrive!


* This blog post includes the opinion of Fattitude interns – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.

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