Restore Your Roar: a Re-boot Camp

Greetings Fattitude Fans!

We are SO excited to share a very special event promotion with you for our own #FattitudeFamily Amanda Trusty‘s Restore Your Roar retreat!! PLUS, if you mention FATTITUDE, you will receive a 20% Discount!!

What if I told you that there are two women out there who would like to spend an entire week with you, giving you tools to explore your relationship with your body, learn to appreciate it, and step back into your power? What if I told you that there is a body love retreat in HAWAII RYRPromo.jpg(what?!) where you can spend eight glorious days moving your body and chanting affirmations simultaneously for an endorphin-induced high that you’ve never experienced before? And Amanda Trusty¬† is the heart and soul behind these eight days, along with an amazing AmandaTrustycomedian, movement instructor, and healer, Olivia Petzy!

Whether you’ve lost your way and all you can muster is a faint meow, or you feel that you’re ready to roar but still feel like you need permission, this week in the healing Hawaiian air is for you. Amanda and Olivia are going to unleash that roar and celebrate it in ways you would have never imagined.

Check it out now and don’t forget to mention FATTITUDE for a 20% Discount!! You can also read the testimonials!RYRBasic2016fattitude.jpg


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