A Letter from Fattitude’s New Intern!

Madison A. Krall Bio ImageHello, friends! My name is Madison A. Krall, and I am the newest Fattitude media research blogger and intern! I believe it is my responsibility to write not only blog articles relevant to your individual lives, but also pieces that speak to greater issues impacting our world today. My personal ideologies align with the strides #fattitude continues to make in speaking out against the last accepted prejudice of weight bias, and I revel in the thought of connecting with all of you as we work to love ourselves, no matter our shapes or sizes.

With that in mind, I want to reduce your current uncertainty about me by sharing that I am an ally: a thin, white, heterosexual, cisgender female ally who discovered the world of Body Acceptance with confusion, surprise, and, quite honestly, a deeply imbedded personal impatience. Why did I not see that our health-obsessed society targeted and shamed people for their size? Why was I blind to the obvious judgments of fat people? Why did my own insecurities prevent me for so long from accepting my thin privilege? I digress. Instead of focusing on where I was, I hope it will benefit you more to know where I am at today.

I am a twenty-something UCD Communication MA student based in Denver, Colorado with research interests in the areas of health communication and rhetoric and gender and women’s studies. My current passions focus on the public discourse surrounding women’s health and the impact of religious and weight bias in healthcare settings. My academic history includes a BA from Pepperdine University, in Malibu, California, where I studied Psychology and English Literature.  While working as the assistant swimming coach at Hamilton College, in Clinton, New York, my life path was altered by an “Explorations in Communication” course, Sheryl Sandberg’s popular feminist text, Lean In, and an introduction to one of my lifelong favorite musical groups, American indie rock band The National.

In addition to my love of alternative music, I am also fond of: bubble baths, Kaladi Coffee Roasters (order some, seriously!), fashionable athleisure wear, any and all school supplies, peonies, and provocative adults novels. A few of my dislikes include: domestic animals (strange, I know), mayonnaise, entitlement, Colorado’s worsening traffic, and my ongoing personal struggle with time integrity. My family, friends, and mentors mean the world to me, and I recognize the blessings my partner Joel brings to my life on a regular basis. I am grateful for the ongoing support of my loved ones, and I hope I do diligence to their significant roles in my life as I write future pieces for all of you to read. Simply put: I would be a MESS without them.IMG_0823

On a similar note, I wish to close by sending out a huge thank you to all the individuals active in making the Fattitude film a reality who have graciously welcomed me to join in their works. One of the best parts of serving as Fattitude’s media research blogger and intern so far is getting the opportunity to meet such wonderful women, individuals from all walks of life, sacrificing their time and energy to make this film possible. Though I am troubled by the deplorable and senseless hatred plaguing today’s world, I am grateful to be part of a community that continues to move toward “normalization”, respect, and civil equality for fat people. Like Richard J. Daley insightfully once said, “what is strange to us today will be familiar tomorrow” and I truly believe, with our efforts, this normalization is part of an increasingly close familiar tomorrow.

Best always,


*This blog post is the opinion of a particular Fattitude intern or guest blogger – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.


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