#TBINAA Rocks, You Should Subscribe

If you don’t know of The Body is Not an Apology or #TBINAA for short – it’s time to take a look. TBNIAA, the brainchild of Sonya Renee Taylor – a fattitude interviewee and all-around radical badass – is an online community dedicated to Radical Self-Love. Fattitude’s producer had the oscreen-shot-2016-09-16-at-2-45-49-pmpportunity to chat with Taylor this week and she explained that TBINAA’s goal is to “foster radical self-love and body empowerment as the foundational tool for social justice.” So, yeah – that’s um – about the coolest, most badass body positive goal, right?!?

Taylor and her team – who are called the “leadership circle” – which in and of itself is nifty because this title seems to defy hierarchy – produce incredible content everyday. Just to get an idea of the kind of work that they’re doing, we though we’d provide you with a handful  (almost) of amazing articles to check out:

  1. When I Broke Up with my Diet 
  2. What I Teach My Son When I Say I’m Fat: Practicing Self Love for Our Children’s Sake
  3. Top 3 Myths About Fat People and Food
  4. Beyond the “Good Fatty:” I Don’t Have to Explain Away My Fatness

And these are just the beginning – TBINAA – is true to its tagline providing coverage for of radical self love for everybody and every body. (Can you tell we’re fans?)

Recently TBINAA announced that they are pursuing their own long term sustainability in a new way… a subscription service. Taylor explains that “Changing the world costs money. We have be dedicating our energy, effort, resources and time for damn near free for a long time and we just can’t keep waiting for outside sources.  So, we believe that a movement for US, can be funded by US.  People should make an economic investment in radical self-love, because how we spend our money should reflect what we want to see in the world.”

You can learn more about subscribing by visiting their subscriptions page. They have subscriptions for as low as $4.99 a month.  And if you feel that you can’t make a subscription happen right now – that’s okay.  In that case do them the favor of sharing this new endeavor of theirs on your social media: InstagramFacebookTwitter.




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