Body Positive Journey: My Friend Equanimity

by Amanda, Fattitude Intern

Last week, I touched base with a friend. We hadn’t spoken for a bit, and with my year-long hiatus from Facebook, I had little knowledge of her life and whereabouts. The last year had been rough on both of us. We had both left our jobs at the same crummy place and had to scramble for something new. Read More

Body Positive Journey: The Art of Repairing your Relationship with Yourself

Written by Amanda, a Fattitude Intern

When I first reached for “body love,” I felt like a group of teenage boys were gagging in their scorn and amusement behind me.

“Body love” is political and bold and loaded.

Everyone deserves to navigate the world confident in their body’s inherent dignity and worthiness; yet, self-love felt yanked from my grasp. Eventually, I recognized that I had actively interfered with its development.

Love has its roots in trust, understanding and acceptance. When we hurt ourselves with our thoughts and actions, we uproot our confidence in ourselves. Trying to cultivate body love without checking your self-destructive habits is like shearing off the leaves of a plant and expecting it to bear fruit. For love to thrive, trust and acceptance must be established: You must allow yourself to HEAL. Read More

Body Positive Journey: Pain–How Physical Limitations Shaped My Body Acceptance

Written by Amanda, a Fattitude Intern

#TW Eating disorder related behaviors

The antique mall reminded me of an old tired dog with watery brown searching eyes. Decrepit, covered in dust and silent, it emoted something despite its stillness. It was both endearing and sad.

It was entirely devoid of movement, except for my coworker and me. He was a friendly man in his fifties; I was sixteen.

To enliven this dull afternoon, he generously bought us both lunch. We feasted merrily.

After eating, he tested his blood sugar. This piqued my curiosity, so he explained his diabetes and his weight management plan. “Did you know that you could eat six Hershey’s chocolate bars a day and yet lose weight?” he asked.

This single comment ignited a fire that would burn out of control for years. Read More

Body Positive Badass: Introducing Guest Blogger TC Currie!**

By TC Currie, Fattitude guest blogger

Seven years ago, a recent widow and trying to figure out who I was without my husband, I signed up for a program called Ladies Who Launch.  It was an intensive 4-week set of classes for women launching something new in their life.  Through that network I met Chrystal Bougon, who was launching her pleasure party business, Bliss Connection.  I was immediately impressed by her generous spirit in sharing what she knew and her strong sense of who she was.  And a bit awed by her complete lack of self-consciousness regarding her sex toys business (which is what you need if you’re going to run a business talking about sexual pleasure and how to get it).  We kept in vague touch, as one does with other women in large networking groups, and I followed her success on the LWL website until the economic downturn hit me hard and I was unable to renew my subscription. Read More

The F@ Diaries: One Size Fits All

Written by Samantha Lee Jones, a Fattitude Guest Blogger

Hangers of tops with massive flowers printed across them, massive flowers that say, “This isn’t me but it’s all they had.” Elasticated waistbands and crotches that are too baggy. We’re looking for something else. Something different. Something that says our bodies are here, and we’re moving in the world like the rest of you, just wanting to express ourselves through our clothes, our style, our uniforms.

We want pinafores, dungarees, the tulle skirt, and the print leggings.

The problem is, stores don’t often get these in the plus size section, so we’re left to hit up the Internet to try and find that something special that screams I AM ME! AND ME IS FABULOUS! Read More

Body Positve Journey: Can Body Mods be Body Posi?

by Amanda, Fattitude Intern

Open love for your body takes courage.

People are quick to point out how you ought to enhance its appearance. Might they even try to smother any confidence they might feel undeserved on your part? An interesting corollary of this capitalistic fix-‘er-up model, entrenching unrealistic beauty ideals in step with the advance of medical technologies, is the burgeoning array of body modification options.

Scalpel, needle, laser . . . so many ways to obliterate any sign you were even here. Read More

The F@ Diaries: Sweating

sweating1Written by Samantha Lee Jones, a Fattitude Guest Blogger


That time of year in which the sun is at its hottest and brightest is slowly coming to an end, and I for one am so happy! I can’t wait for Autumn, crunchy leaves, and rain. The same amount of clothes but with less sweating.

As a big girl, I tend to sweat a lot. And turn red from being hot. Always have.

It’s only been the last few years that I have tried to actually combat it, rather than just living with it in patchy shame. Read More

Body Positive Journey: Rebel Role Models

By Amanda, Fattitude Intern

Growing up, the American media pushed an armful of role models onto me. Society dangled Barbie, Disney princesses, and Miss America contestants above me as proper figures to imitate. Unsurprisingly, at five years old, I already felt deficient because of my body. Read More