The F@ Diaries: Dating While Big

Written by KockyFatBitch, a Fattitude Intern

(CAUTION!!!: Some links contain #FatHate language.)

If you accept your body, shouldn’t you also totally accept that someone else can accept your body? I’m talking about your current or potential lover. Read More

Body Positive Journey: Fighting my Desire for Approval

Written by KockFatBitch, a Fattitude Intern

I can have the worst cocky attitude you have ever seen, but if you tell me that something doesn’t flatter me, I’ll stop and take a second look. Approval is the hardest battle in the #bodypositivemovement next to Acceptance. (If you’re new to the movement, then I should note that the latter is means accepting yourself on a personal level.) In my experience, approval is a germ that has crept its way into every small crevice of my life. Read More

The Body Positive Journey: Maintaining Self-Esteem When You Get an Unwanted Medical Diagnosis

docnoWritten by The Kocky Fat Bitch, a Fattitude Intern

You never know how sensitive self-esteem is until you have to build that bitch up from nothing. Life recently reminded me of just that fact. I am the KOCKY FAT BITCH! Yet, out of nowhere and all at once, my self-confidence, self-love, cocky bitchness, self-acceptance, self-appreciation and fuck-what-you-think mindset broke on me and the wall I had built to protect myself came crashing down. Read More

The F@ Diaries: Fat-Shaming Made Me Catfish

Written by KockyFatBitch, a Fattitude Intern

I want to tell you a story. Well to you it will be a story, but to me it’s my life. Obviously it is the life of many as it is a $500 thousand industry for Nev Schulman with his hit movie and TV series of the same name, Catfishcatfish I guess I should start by introducing myself. Hi, my name is Kairo  and I am a casualty of fat-shaming. Read More