Blog Post Guidelines


The following is a list of guidelines for all of our blog contributors to refer to prior to sending their piece to our editors who will post the piece on the Fattitude blog.

**Above all, make sure your post is in line with Fattitude’s mission (i.e. no body positive dieting journeys).

  1. Grammatical clarity – i.e. check for typos, incorrect grammar and language mistakes and correct them. The text for the blog posts should be sent in a .doc or .txt file that is attached to the email.
  2. All posts need a title/headline. If you are writing a post that fits under one of our blog “series” (ex. Body Positive Badass, Body Positive Journey, The F@ Diaries, etc.) you still need to have a subtitle/subheading to go with it (ex: “Body Positive Journey: How a Bad Break-up Improved My Body Image”).
  3. All posts need a by-line at the top (ex. by Lindsey Averill… or just first name is fine too)
  4. All posts need either a Summary Lead (a quick paragraph of 2-3 sentences that attracts the readers attention and give the basic who/what/where/when information) or opening paragraph that will grab the reader. As our new blog format will require a “read more” feature, we want our writers to open each piece with something punchy and enticing to make the reader want to—well—read more!
  5. All posts need tags and catagories (this is on the left hand side of the page on the wordpress platform.)
  • TAGS are key words that help Google categorize the post and help people find it.  Your first tag should always be article title, but the others you must decide on. If you are discussing a celebrity, a movie, a book, or anything that could help drive traffic to your article, tag it. Some of our most popular tags are as followed:
    • #BodyPosi #effyourbeautystandards #losehatenotweight action, comedy, Amanda Trusty, Awkward, Badass, Body acceptance, body image, Body Positive, body shaming, bulimia, trolling, Creative Fat person, Curvy Girl Lingerie, eating disorders, Facebook, Fat and fit, fat bodies, Fat phobia, Fat positive, Fat Rights, Fat shaming, Fatshion, Fattitude, feminist, Health, Love your body, Melissa McCarthy, Plus Size Real Housewives, Rebel Wilson, size acceptance, Virgie Tovar, Weight bias, Weight loss –just to name a few J
  • CATEGORIESare preset and are used for sorting particular to our blog’s organizational scheme and main menu. Currently, our blog has CATEGORIES and SUB-CATEGORIES. For Example, blog posts that fall under the FAB FAT MEDIA category include posts about movies, television shows, book reviews, magazines, online documentaries, etc. However, depending on what the post is about it could fall into one of the subcategories (“Movies & TV”, “Books We Love”, etc.) so please specify both the Category and the Subcategory for your submission
    • Note: all categories and subcategories can be found directly on the blog by looking at the header menu (categories) and their drop-down items (subcategories)


  1. All posts need at least two photos. The writer should provide these as email attachments along with the document file for the blog post. The writer can specify which photo/image they would like to be the “Featured Image” for the post (ie: the one which will appear on the main timeline of the blog). If a featured image isn’t specified, one of the two will be assigned by one of our editors.
  2. Every post needs at least 5-7 links. THIS IS AN SEO THING. In other words, you need to link phrases or words in the post to outside sources. For example, if you say “Fattitude” use the hyperlink option to link the word in the post to


If you make a statement like, “women suffer from greater weight stigma – link it to the study you are referencing. This both helps us gain traction in search engine optimization, and helps solidify your claims with credible source citations.

  1. All posts written by non-Fattitude Staff should include a 100 word bio at the bottom (feel free to include links your social media handles or website link if you have one) and MUST INCLUDE the following disclaimer at the bottom. (Body Love Badasses are exempt from this rule.)
  • *This blog post is the opinion of a particular Fattitude intern or guest blogger – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.
  1. Each post must have a featured excerpt (this can be decided on by the writer or a Fattitude editor). The text should be copied from the post and pastes it in the excerpt box that is also on the sidelines of the wordpress platform. It’s called excerpt.
  2. After your post goes “live,” we greatly appreciate you share the link on all your social media platforms and websites. The more hits we get, the more exposure both you and the post get, so please help us help you by spreading the word.