Ravishly Fans Rejoice as Joni Edelman Bares All For the AdiPositivity Project

Those who swim in the Body Pos pond are probably already in the know about Substantia Jones’s Adipositivity Project—a photography series that aims to promote fat acceptance and broaden social definitions of physical beauty—but for those Ravishly readers who hadn’t yet had the pleasure of seeing Substantia’s work “in the flesh” (pun intended), Editor-in-Chief, Joni Edelman, stripped down to her skivvies to stand in solidarity with this incredible project. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Positive Badass Toni Tails

Written by The Feisty Fox, a Fattitude Intern

thm_tUHBvzP9UvArtist and Activist, Toni Tails has spun a wonderful web of friendships with people all over the world via the Internet. Followers are drawn in by Toni’s candid nature, engaging sense of humor and the way she radiates beauty from both inside and out. But most of all, people gravitate toward her because of her incredible artistic talent, namely her magical renditions of fat bodies. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Magnoliah Black

magnoliah-blackAs a dancer, singer, MC, producer, betazoid and storyteller, Magnoliah Black breaks all boundaries blending modern burlesque with performance art and activism. A proud former member of Rub, you can find her lighting up Bay Area stages with the nation’s longest running Queer Cabaret Show Red Hots Burlesque.

As far as we’re concerned, no one is kinder or more welcoming that Magnoliah. When Fattitude was just a twinkle in our thoughts, Magnoliah allowed us to film in her home and welcomed us with laughter and grace. Ever since, she has been delighted to support us in any way she can. Also – no one is more genuine or inspiring. In fact, she may even have already inspired you! At the close of the #fattitude trailer, it is  Magnoliah who says,  “You can be a fat person and be fucking phenomenal!” We couldn’t agree more! Read More