Body Wars

“The danger of falling into the habit of demanding that our bodies-fat bodies, or otherwise “ugly” bodies-be pretty too is that by doing so we are reinforcing the cultural importance of prettiness.  We are acknowledging a longing for social acceptance, a willingness to indulge prettiness pressures so long as we are allowed to play too.  It is a classically liberal stance: all we want is our fair share. I’d prefer to occupy a space outside the pretty/ugly paradigm, a space where the parameters are self-determined.”

Lesley Kinzel, Two Whole Cakes: How to Stop Dieting and Learn to Love Your Body

Sometime before my double digit birthday, my mom fell ill.  Limbs swollen and the skin on her legs so taut, I worried that a mere pinprick might deflate my mom. It was the mid-nineties and there was very little information about this mysterious illness.  Read More

Ravishly Fans Rejoice as Joni Edelman Bares All For the AdiPositivity Project

Those who swim in the Body Pos pond are probably already in the know about Substantia Jones’s Adipositivity Project—a photography series that aims to promote fat acceptance and broaden social definitions of physical beauty—but for those Ravishly readers who hadn’t yet had the pleasure of seeing Substantia’s work “in the flesh” (pun intended), Editor-in-Chief, Joni Edelman, stripped down to her skivvies to stand in solidarity with this incredible project. Read More

Body Positive Badass: Introducing Guest Blogger TC Currie!**

By TC Currie, Fattitude guest blogger

Seven years ago, a recent widow and trying to figure out who I was without my husband, I signed up for a program called Ladies Who Launch.  It was an intensive 4-week set of classes for women launching something new in their life.  Through that network I met Chrystal Bougon, who was launching her pleasure party business, Bliss Connection.  I was immediately impressed by her generous spirit in sharing what she knew and her strong sense of who she was.  And a bit awed by her complete lack of self-consciousness regarding her sex toys business (which is what you need if you’re going to run a business talking about sexual pleasure and how to get it).  We kept in vague touch, as one does with other women in large networking groups, and I followed her success on the LWL website until the economic downturn hit me hard and I was unable to renew my subscription. Read More

Body Positive Journey: A Birthday Photo Shoot

shoot1by Sudzy Nixon, Fattitude Guest Blogger

July 31st was my 36th birthday and I decided to do another photo shoot with Laura Dark (an excellent photographer from Columbus, Ohio). I did a shoot with her before and, at over 300 pounds, have been trying to edge into plus size modeling. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Advocate Amanda Trusty

AmandabwSo, we’ve never met her, but we are definitely fans of Amanda Trusty of! There was a time when Amanda lived the life of a ballerina in New York. And then, one day she decided she’d had enough. She tossed her tutu, pointe shoes and eating disorder in the trash. She threw her faithful tap shoes in her suitcase and headed for the Big Island of Hawaii and life filled with Aloha Spirit, free of the conflicting voices in her head telling her, essentially, that she sucked at being human. With sunshine, warm breezes and the lull of the ocean to bolster her, her journey of self love began. Read More