A Letter from Fattitude’s New Intern!

Madison A. Krall Bio ImageHello, friends! My name is Madison A. Krall, and I am the newest Fattitude media research blogger and intern! I believe it is my responsibility to write not only blog articles relevant to your individual lives, but also pieces that speak to greater issues impacting our world today. My personal ideologies align with the strides #fattitude continues to make in speaking out against the last accepted prejudice of weight bias, and I revel in the thought of connecting with all of you as we work to love ourselves, no matter our shapes or sizes.

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Ravishly Fans Rejoice as Joni Edelman Bares All For the AdiPositivity Project

Those who swim in the Body Pos pond are probably already in the know about Substantia Jones’s Adipositivity Project—a photography series that aims to promote fat acceptance and broaden social definitions of physical beauty—but for those Ravishly readers who hadn’t yet had the pleasure of seeing Substantia’s work “in the flesh” (pun intended), Editor-in-Chief, Joni Edelman, stripped down to her skivvies to stand in solidarity with this incredible project. Read More

Fattitude wants to Congratulate Flagpole Swim

Congratulations to Flagpole Swim on being featured in InStyle Magazine‘s  “Love Your Body” article! We know you don’t make plus sizes (yet! who knows what some day brings), but from the bottom of our hearts we are so proud to see you taking part in in the body positive movement! #everybodyisabikinibody #wantabikinibodyputonabikini #fatkini #bodyposi Read More

Body Positive Badass: Introducing Guest Blogger TC Currie!**

By TC Currie, Fattitude guest blogger

Seven years ago, a recent widow and trying to figure out who I was without my husband, I signed up for a program called Ladies Who Launch.  It was an intensive 4-week set of classes for women launching something new in their life.  Through that network I met Chrystal Bougon, who was launching her pleasure party business, Bliss Connection.  I was immediately impressed by her generous spirit in sharing what she knew and her strong sense of who she was.  And a bit awed by her complete lack of self-consciousness regarding her sex toys business (which is what you need if you’re going to run a business talking about sexual pleasure and how to get it).  We kept in vague touch, as one does with other women in large networking groups, and I followed her success on the LWL website until the economic downturn hit me hard and I was unable to renew my subscription. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Positive Badass Toni Tails

Written by The Feisty Fox, a Fattitude Intern

thm_tUHBvzP9UvArtist and Activist, Toni Tails has spun a wonderful web of friendships with people all over the world via the Internet. Followers are drawn in by Toni’s candid nature, engaging sense of humor and the way she radiates beauty from both inside and out. But most of all, people gravitate toward her because of her incredible artistic talent, namely her magical renditions of fat bodies. Read More

Fattitude’s Inspiring Comment of the Week: The Honest Body Project and Diane!

In light of the nightmare that is trolling and fat-phobic comment sections, Fattitude has decided to honor a positive comment that we notice online at least once a week. We hope that this weekly comment will serve as a reminder that body positive folks are out there – fighting the good fight! There are no guidelines about where these comments come from – they are just the ones that touched us enough that we decided to share them with you.

SO without further ado here is the post then commenter remarked on from the Honest Body Project:Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 4.38.52 PMAnd here is the comment that made us smile:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 4.39.22 PMSo, What do you think?

Have you seen a comment online that made you so happy and you want to make us aware of it? Send us a message on facebook and we will absolutely check it out!

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Andrew Walen

Unknown-2Psychotherapist Andrew Walen, is the founder of Columbia, Maryland’s Body Image Therapy Center which specializes in eating disorders, substance abuse, body image, anxiety and depression. In particular – Andrew has made it part of his mission to help men find a space to heal from eating disorders and he is fiercely working to help people understand how the male population often gets excluded when it comes to ED treatment and discussion. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Rebecca Eisenberg


Feminist and pop culture enthusiast Rebecca Eisenberg is quite possibly one of the key factor that makes the internet so delicious for body positive folk. Currently, Rebecca is the Trends Editor at Upworthy.com, where she manages a small team of writers who respond quickly and adeptly to trending topics and news stories. A scroll through the stories Rebecca curates shows how skilled she is at deciphering each side of popular issues in a way that educates readers – smartly calling out wrong from right or fairly admitting if the truth falls somewhere in between.

The thing is – this smarty smart smart pants is super body positive and she is using the power she wields at Upworthy to try to make the world a more body accepting place. Um, YES! We here at Fattitude are absolutely Rebecca Eisenberg fans and we think you should so check her out on facebook and twitter.

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SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Isabel Fox Duke

coachingSmall11Isabel Foxen Duke helps women stop feeling crazy around food. A renowned coach, writer and thought leader in the areas of emotional eating, diet-binge cycling, and food obsession, Isabel is challenging popular beliefs about these behaviors by addressing them through body-positive and “Health At Every Size” perspectives. Read More