#TBINAA Rocks, You Should Subscribe

If you don’t know of The Body is Not an Apology or #TBINAA for short – it’s time to take a look. TBNIAA, the brainchild of Sonya Renee Taylor – a fattitude interviewee and all-around radical badass – is an online community dedicated to Radical Self-Love. Read More

Ravishly Fans Rejoice as Joni Edelman Bares All For the AdiPositivity Project

Those who swim in the Body Pos pond are probably already in the know about Substantia Jones’s Adipositivity Project—a photography series that aims to promote fat acceptance and broaden social definitions of physical beauty—but for those Ravishly readers who hadn’t yet had the pleasure of seeing Substantia’s work “in the flesh” (pun intended), Editor-in-Chief, Joni Edelman, stripped down to her skivvies to stand in solidarity with this incredible project. Read More

A Very Militant Baker and “The Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” Book Reading

by Melissa Mazza, Fattitude InternFatBook

I have a very special, super body positive tale to tell you!  Once upon a time, on a fateful evening in November, a few of the very lovely, amazing, talented Fattitude intern superstars found themselves in the same place at the same time!  The cosmos aligned and the ladies found themselves in a magical bookstore in NYC to hear a reading by the fabulous Jes Baker from her new book “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls”. The evening was exciting, enchanting and euphoric! (The only thing sorely missing were the other superstar interns! Boo!) Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Andrew Walen

Unknown-2Psychotherapist Andrew Walen, is the founder of Columbia, Maryland’s Body Image Therapy Center which specializes in eating disorders, substance abuse, body image, anxiety and depression. In particular – Andrew has made it part of his mission to help men find a space to heal from eating disorders and he is fiercely working to help people understand how the male population often gets excluded when it comes to ED treatment and discussion. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Rebecca Eisenberg


Feminist and pop culture enthusiast Rebecca Eisenberg is quite possibly one of the key factor that makes the internet so delicious for body positive folk. Currently, Rebecca is the Trends Editor at Upworthy.com, where she manages a small team of writers who respond quickly and adeptly to trending topics and news stories. A scroll through the stories Rebecca curates shows how skilled she is at deciphering each side of popular issues in a way that educates readers – smartly calling out wrong from right or fairly admitting if the truth falls somewhere in between.

The thing is – this smarty smart smart pants is super body positive and she is using the power she wields at Upworthy to try to make the world a more body accepting place. Um, YES! We here at Fattitude are absolutely Rebecca Eisenberg fans and we think you should so check her out on facebook and twitter.

Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Isabel Fox Duke

coachingSmall11Isabel Foxen Duke helps women stop feeling crazy around food. A renowned coach, writer and thought leader in the areas of emotional eating, diet-binge cycling, and food obsession, Isabel is challenging popular beliefs about these behaviors by addressing them through body-positive and “Health At Every Size” perspectives. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Dr. Traci Mann

-1After years of dieting, newbies to the world of Body Acceptance, find it very hard to wrap around the much discussed concept that, “Diets Don’t Work.” Thanks to Dr. Traci Mann of The Health and Eating Lab, however, we have hard evidence to prove such rhetoric. Dr. Mann, a widely cited expert in her field, has done copious amount of research on dieting, eating, fatness and self control and has proven, time and again, that, indeed, diets don’t work. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Jes Baker

imagesJes Baker is known in the Body Love world as the Militant Baker and we, at #Fattitude, believe the title could not be any more suitable. She is a Baker by birth, not profession, so fans won’t find her on the Food Network baking cookies. They will, however, find the self proclaimed fiery body advocate, fat model, mental health professional, self-love enthusiast, professional rabble-rouser, crazy cat lady, TEDx speaker, soon-to-be book-author and mega-feminist, teaching others to learn to love themselves from head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Deb Burgard

Deb and Cody 2009 smallFrom the minute we met Deb
Burgard, PhD, FAED, we felt love. Deb is a psychologist and one of the cofounders of the Health at Every Size model. She has been an activist for body sovereignty since creating her dance classes for fat women in 1983 and co-writing “Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women” with Pat Lyons in 1988. In 1996, Deb created the Body Positive website and in 2001, she organized the “Show Me the Data” listserv community of researchers and activists.  Forever dedicated, Deb has also contributed research and academic papers and book chapters, speaks regularly at academic, clinical, and community conferences, and offers psychotherapy for individuals and groups in Los Altos, CA.  Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Melissa Fabello

Melissa Fabello is an advocate for social equality, a destroyer of societal myths, a champion for adolescent girls, a restorer of body confidence, a sex educator, a media literacy advocate and one of the fiercest and funniest women we know. Oh, and she’sHeadshot_Coloralso one of the Managing Editors of Everyday Feminism, where her articles focus on everything from sexuality and relationships to thin privilege and eating disorders. Read More