Dr. Oz’s Hippocratic Oath: The Ethics of the Magic, Miracles and Breakthroughs of “America’s Doctor”

Dr. Oz’s Hippocratic Oath: The Ethics of the Magic, Miracles and Breakthroughs of “America’s Doctor”

By Adrienne Guckenberger

I grew up watching the Oprah Winfrey Show. As a young girl struggling with body image issues, I remember tuning in everyday, at 4 p.m., with my grandmother. Oprah had a lifelong struggle with her weight, and I identified with that. Whatever she promoted, I bought into—whether it was her book club, working out, new diets, fashion trends or health suggestions—Oprah was our guru, and whatever she said I gullibly believed.

Hook, line and sinker. Read More

Body Positive Politics: The Intersection of Gender and Size oppression

By Quinn, Fattitude Blogging Intern*no-fatties

Have you ever wondered if diet culture equally affects men as it does women? While many men suffer from weight stigma – women are statistically more likely to be oppressed because of their size. And I think this has something to do with a culture that focuses on female beauty rather than female empowerment. Read More

Body Positive Politics: Shame On Twitter


by Melissa McGowan, a fattitude Intern

These are the words that greeted me on Twitter last Wednesday morning, out of nowhere, from someone whose screen name I didn’t recognize (I’ve obscured his name because he doesn’t deserve any further attention. I’ve obscured the names of anyone other than myself for the sake of their privacy). Needless to say, I was a little shocked. Not because someone called me fat – I mean, I AM fat, I make no secret of it – but just the fact that someone I didn’t know would go out of their way to target me for literally no reason at all. Read More

Fattitude’s 4 Tips for a Fabulous Fat 4th

Happy 4th of July, Fattitude Fans!

Today is the day that we celebrate US independence – and all that our independence stands for –  the freedom to speak our minds, to be whoever and whatever we were born to be and to stand up for what we believe in. Today is the day that we celebrate our right – our freedom – to question and overturn an oppressive authority.

So – this July 4th We wanted to remind you that you should not only be celebrating the independence of our country but also – your right to declare your bodily independence! Read More

So Over Fat-Shaming Hashtags. BOO: #ifthebeatleshadbeenfat


By Quinn, Fattitude Blogging Intern*

#ifthebeatleshadbeenfat is the latest hashtag adding to fat stigma. In general, Twitter and other social media give us the chance to connect and sometimes these connections are good and sometimes they’re bad. Social media allows us to connect to communities that support us but unfortunately it also enables anonymous bullying and the stigmatization of groups of people using hateful hashtags. And of course, fat people are at the receiving end of a good part of them. Read More

Equality in Ireland?

By Fiesty Fox, a Fattitude Intern*


Change is good. Especially when the change means history-making progress. Recently, by popular vote Ireland became the very first country to legalize same-sex marriage! This news is a game changer and I hope it sets off a very positive ripple effect that encourages other countries to do the same. Read More