Dr. Oz’s Hippocratic Oath: The Ethics of the Magic, Miracles and Breakthroughs of “America’s Doctor”

Dr. Oz’s Hippocratic Oath: The Ethics of the Magic, Miracles and Breakthroughs of “America’s Doctor”

By Adrienne Guckenberger

I grew up watching the Oprah Winfrey Show. As a young girl struggling with body image issues, I remember tuning in everyday, at 4 p.m., with my grandmother. Oprah had a lifelong struggle with her weight, and I identified with that. Whatever she promoted, I bought into—whether it was her book club, working out, new diets, fashion trends or health suggestions—Oprah was our guru, and whatever she said I gullibly believed.

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Open Casting Call: Don’t Talk To Irene


Greetings Fattitude Fans!

We were asked to share an open casting call for a brand new feature film by writer/director Pat Mills, “Don’t Talk to Irene”.

It’s a body positive story (dark comedy meets teen dance movie) that should be a lot of fun!

The filmmakers are currently seeking their lead actress – could it be you or someone you know?

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The F@ Diaries: Fat-Shaming Made Me Catfish

Written by KockyFatBitch, a Fattitude Intern

I want to tell you a story. Well to you it will be a story, but to me it’s my life. Obviously it is the life of many as it is a $500 thousand industry for Nev Schulman with his hit movie and TV series of the same name, Catfishcatfish I guess I should start by introducing myself. Hi, my name is Kairo  and I am a casualty of fat-shaming. Read More

The F@ Diaries: Darnit, Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy!

by the Feisty Fox

Gosh darnit, @rebelwilson. images-2And you know what, I’m throwing @melissamccarthy on the grill too (despite adoring her character in Spy) because they both belong in the hot seat! Why, oh why, do you ladies continually choose roles where the fat woman is, literally, in the case of Pitch Perfect 2 the butt (or vagina, be it as it may) of the joke? You’re so much better than #FatAmy and #Tammy and all of the other characters you’ve played where you perpetuate the stereotypes fat women have to work so hard on a daily basis to dispel and overcome. Read More

Melissa McCarthy Infiltrates Hollywood Norms In “Spy”

By Melissa Mazza, Fattitude Intern*

spy-movie-poster-melissa-mccarthyIf you ask me, Melissa McCarthy dazzles in Spy,” the action-packed espionage comedy that packs a serious feminist and body positive wallop! There are plenty of physical gags and crude punch lines, but ‘fat’ is rarely one of them. Read More