Fearless Fatshion Review: Society Plus Anne Lace Skirt

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Fattitude Communications and Social Media Diva, Melissa Mazza, had the delight of trying on and sharing with Fattitude fans, the Society+ Anne Lace skirt in White.

Launched in 2015, Society+ is a plus size e-commerce Society+ Logoretailer and lifestyle brand focused on body positivity and plus size fashion!  Society+ shows diverse models, offers up to size 32/5X and all items are true to size – an all-around unapologetic, cutting-edge brand we adore!

First of all – I love this brand and the movement it embodies, and it’s an honor to be able to blog about this piece from Society+!  Their website is chock full of fresh fatshion inspiration from some of your fav bloggers, and diverse models from around the world – because representation matters!  I can’t express how much I love being able to see, before buying, what a piece looks like on a body shape/size similar to mine!

The piece I received is the white Anne Lace skirt. It’s a high-quality, 2-layer pencil skirt with zippered back and thick elastic waistband.  I was a little worried about the length, since I’m only 5’1″, but hiking the waistband up higher on my body gave me the perfect length I was looking for.  The skirt is comfortable, has the perfect amount of stretch, easy to dress up or down, and the delicate lacy details are so classy! I dressed-up and dressed-down the piece, so you can see how versatile this skirt is.

Society+ Anne Lace Skirt with Black Top To dress-up, I paired the skirt with a black mesh cape top, patent leather pumps and a chunky necklace.  I would totally wear this on a date or out for drinks with my girlfriends!

Society+ Anne Lace Skirt

















For a more casual look, I simply paired the skirt with a grey tank, denim jacket and some comfy athletic flats.  A totally easy to pull together look that is cute and comfortable!

Society+ Anne Lace Skirt

Melissa in Society+ Anne Lace


















Dressed up or down, I am loving my new skirt!  I can’t wait to share more items with you all in the future!

XO Melissa


*This blog post is the opinion of a particular Fattitude intern – and does not necessarily reflect the position of Fattitude, Inc.

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Marie Southard Ospina @mariesouthard
Marie Southard Ospina @mariesouthard

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SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Tess Holliday

DvL14_AuKYtxAT8OSUlXKvJWgyaqYismksJg2PkoN_0Ever since People Magazine featured Super Model Tess Munster on their front cover, she has become recognizable worldwide simply as Tess. As of late, of course, she’s taken on the last name of her fiancé, Nick Holliday, and we must admit Tess Holliday certainly has a nice “ring” to it. Tess is the badass who coined the hashtag “#EffYourBeautyStandards.” And if you haven’t yet started follwing this stunning siren, where have you been? She has close to 1,000,000 Instagram followers whom she helps, just by being herself, explore their journey of self love. Witnessing Tess take on the world with her message that beauty comes in all sizes is mesmerizingly powerful.

FullSizeRenderWe have the pleasure of knowing Tess personally as she has interviewed with us, stayed with us and even watched the Superbowl with us. So believe us when we say, she is everything that you hope and expect her to be. In fact, she’s more than just a #bodypositive power house. She’s a sincerely warm and kindhearted person. For example, after her interview with #Fattitude, Tess took the time to FaceTime a friend of ours who is a huge fan of hers. She’s genuine. She’s gorgeous. She’s funny. And she’s cool.

In the last few months, Tess has gone from successful model to worldwide supermodel. Along with suddenly being thrust into the limelight, she has become a perceived spokeswoman for the #bodypositive movement. It can’t be easy to suddenly have the world critiquing her appearance or making harsh judgments about her personal lifestyle choices, but time and again, she has represented our cause with style, grace, intelligence, and more than a splash of effervescence! We have been thrilled to witness Tess’ success and we are so grateful for all she does to help #Fattitude achieve the same.

Bravo Tess! xoxox

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