SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Tess Holliday

DvL14_AuKYtxAT8OSUlXKvJWgyaqYismksJg2PkoN_0Ever since People Magazine featured Super Model Tess Munster on their front cover, she has become recognizable worldwide simply as Tess. As of late, of course, she’s taken on the last name of her fiancé, Nick Holliday, and we must admit Tess Holliday certainly has a nice “ring” to it. Tess is the badass who coined the hashtag “#EffYourBeautyStandards.” And if you haven’t yet started follwing this stunning siren, where have you been? She has close to 1,000,000 Instagram followers whom she helps, just by being herself, explore their journey of self love. Witnessing Tess take on the world with her message that beauty comes in all sizes is mesmerizingly powerful.

FullSizeRenderWe have the pleasure of knowing Tess personally as she has interviewed with us, stayed with us and even watched the Superbowl with us. So believe us when we say, she is everything that you hope and expect her to be. In fact, she’s more than just a #bodypositive power house. She’s a sincerely warm and kindhearted person. For example, after her interview with #Fattitude, Tess took the time to FaceTime a friend of ours who is a huge fan of hers. She’s genuine. She’s gorgeous. She’s funny. And she’s cool.

In the last few months, Tess has gone from successful model to worldwide supermodel. Along with suddenly being thrust into the limelight, she has become a perceived spokeswoman for the #bodypositive movement. It can’t be easy to suddenly have the world critiquing her appearance or making harsh judgments about her personal lifestyle choices, but time and again, she has represented our cause with style, grace, intelligence, and more than a splash of effervescence! We have been thrilled to witness Tess’ success and we are so grateful for all she does to help #Fattitude achieve the same.

Bravo Tess! xoxox