Fattitude’s Viri needs Your Help…

About 7 years ago I got my hands on a road bike thanks to a friend who introduced me to this wondrous vessel as the best way to see the world. I had just gotten to Florida to start grad school and riding up and down the coast became my escape, my inspiration and my training grounds to admire what my body was capable of. I’ve always had a bigger body on my bike then the Tour de Francer’s whizzing by, but that didn’t take anything away from my riding experience. I still reach break spots to say hi and I still complete my 30, 40, 60 and more, mile goals. Read More

Body Wars

“The danger of falling into the habit of demanding that our bodies-fat bodies, or otherwise “ugly” bodies-be pretty too is that by doing so we are reinforcing the cultural importance of prettiness.  We are acknowledging a longing for social acceptance, a willingness to indulge prettiness pressures so long as we are allowed to play too.  It is a classically liberal stance: all we want is our fair share. I’d prefer to occupy a space outside the pretty/ugly paradigm, a space where the parameters are self-determined.”

Lesley Kinzel, Two Whole Cakes: How to Stop Dieting and Learn to Love Your Body

Sometime before my double digit birthday, my mom fell ill.  Limbs swollen and the skin on her legs so taut, I worried that a mere pinprick might deflate my mom. It was the mid-nineties and there was very little information about this mysterious illness.  Read More

A Letter from Fattitude’s New Intern!

Madison A. Krall Bio ImageHello, friends! My name is Madison A. Krall, and I am the newest Fattitude media research blogger and intern! I believe it is my responsibility to write not only blog articles relevant to your individual lives, but also pieces that speak to greater issues impacting our world today. My personal ideologies align with the strides #fattitude continues to make in speaking out against the last accepted prejudice of weight bias, and I revel in the thought of connecting with all of you as we work to love ourselves, no matter our shapes or sizes.

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Body Positive Journey: My Friend Equanimity

by Amanda, Fattitude Intern

Last week, I touched base with a friend. We hadn’t spoken for a bit, and with my year-long hiatus from Facebook, I had little knowledge of her life and whereabouts. The last year had been rough on both of us. We had both left our jobs at the same crummy place and had to scramble for something new. Read More

Body Positive Journey: Fighting my Desire for Approval

Written by KockFatBitch, a Fattitude Intern

I can have the worst cocky attitude you have ever seen, but if you tell me that something doesn’t flatter me, I’ll stop and take a second look. Approval is the hardest battle in the #bodypositivemovement next to Acceptance. (If you’re new to the movement, then I should note that the latter is means accepting yourself on a personal level.) In my experience, approval is a germ that has crept its way into every small crevice of my life. Read More

Body Positive Journey: The Art of Repairing your Relationship with Yourself

Written by Amanda, a Fattitude Intern

When I first reached for “body love,” I felt like a group of teenage boys were gagging in their scorn and amusement behind me.

“Body love” is political and bold and loaded.

Everyone deserves to navigate the world confident in their body’s inherent dignity and worthiness; yet, self-love felt yanked from my grasp. Eventually, I recognized that I had actively interfered with its development.

Love has its roots in trust, understanding and acceptance. When we hurt ourselves with our thoughts and actions, we uproot our confidence in ourselves. Trying to cultivate body love without checking your self-destructive habits is like shearing off the leaves of a plant and expecting it to bear fruit. For love to thrive, trust and acceptance must be established: You must allow yourself to HEAL. Read More

The Body Positive Journey: Maintaining Self-Esteem When You Get an Unwanted Medical Diagnosis

docnoWritten by The Kocky Fat Bitch, a Fattitude Intern

You never know how sensitive self-esteem is until you have to build that bitch up from nothing. Life recently reminded me of just that fact. I am the KOCKY FAT BITCH! Yet, out of nowhere and all at once, my self-confidence, self-love, cocky bitchness, self-acceptance, self-appreciation and fuck-what-you-think mindset broke on me and the wall I had built to protect myself came crashing down. Read More

Body Positive Journey: Pain–How Physical Limitations Shaped My Body Acceptance

Written by Amanda, a Fattitude Intern

#TW Eating disorder related behaviors

The antique mall reminded me of an old tired dog with watery brown searching eyes. Decrepit, covered in dust and silent, it emoted something despite its stillness. It was both endearing and sad.

It was entirely devoid of movement, except for my coworker and me. He was a friendly man in his fifties; I was sixteen.

To enliven this dull afternoon, he generously bought us both lunch. We feasted merrily.

After eating, he tested his blood sugar. This piqued my curiosity, so he explained his diabetes and his weight management plan. “Did you know that you could eat six Hershey’s chocolate bars a day and yet lose weight?” he asked.

This single comment ignited a fire that would burn out of control for years. Read More

Body Positive Journey: My Night With Australia’s Thunder From Down Under

Written by Melissa Mazza, a Fattitude Intern

tfdu_5_800As fate would have it, I saw a post online a few months ago that Thunder From Down Under would be performing at a local theater just a few days before my 31st birthday. Believe me, to a young and single girl like me, the idea of watching smoking hot dancers wearing little clothing sounded like the best way to celebrate my birthday.  I even rallied up my friend Rachel to go with me (which didn’t take much rallying!) Read More