The F@ Diaries: Dating While Big

Written by KockyFatBitch, a Fattitude Intern

(CAUTION!!!: Some links contain #FatHate language.)

If you accept your body, shouldn’t you also totally accept that someone else can accept your body? I’m talking about your current or potential lover. Read More

The F@ Diaries: Fat Talk Rears Its Ugly Head At The Office

Diet-talkcatWritten by Melissa Mazza, a Fattitude Intern

For the love of God, don’t we have more interesting, important, fabulous, fun things to talk about than constantly discussing diet and exercise for the purpose of weight loss!?

I know that in my past I have done more than my fair share of fat and diet talk, and have lived to tell about it and the toll it took on my life. Read More

The F@ Diaries: Anti-Depressants & My Triumphant Return to the Gym

This is me in 2013 enjoying a core workout at the gym.

I haven’t exercised in months. And by months I mean more than 12. I’ve moved my body, but I haven’t actually put on workout gear, grabbed a water bottle, and moved in a way that really challenges my physicality and leaves my body glistening with sweat. Read More

The F@ Diaries: You LOOK Healthy

by Sandra Meunier, Fattitude Guest Blogger

I had some serious issues at work and it all got a bit too much – so I ended up taking 2 months off. It just so happens that, as I was away, self-pitying, I also got a stomach bug.  *Regardless* I lost some weight throughout those weeks.

before afterI was really worried about going back to work. I was worried about what type of gossips had gone around, about looking drawn and tired, about being asked questions I didn’t want to answer, about not having the energy to work, about not wanting to work … I didn’t want to have to justify my hollow cheeks and why my hair looked so sh*tty. In short, I was worried about being worried. Read More

The F@ Diaries: I Have a Problem With Your Size – Part 2

Written by The Feisty Fox, a Fattitude Intern

10-Movie-Heroines-Who-Risked-it-All-and-Won-MainPhoto1It was my freshman year in college and I was excitedly getting dressed for the first dance of the year. A dorm mate had set my friend Michelle and me up with some boys from another school, and we were giving our all to perfecting our looks for the night. I was desperate to have a boy like me so I was going for the Wow Factor. I decided on a black top with a black leather skirt, black fishnet tights, black heels and, of course, a black fabric choker. I hadn’t yet figured out that self confidence is always more attractive than Melanie Griffith (@melaniegriffith) in, “Working Girl.” Read More

The F@ Diaries: One Size Fits All

Written by Samantha Lee Jones, a Fattitude Guest Blogger

Hangers of tops with massive flowers printed across them, massive flowers that say, “This isn’t me but it’s all they had.” Elasticated waistbands and crotches that are too baggy. We’re looking for something else. Something different. Something that says our bodies are here, and we’re moving in the world like the rest of you, just wanting to express ourselves through our clothes, our style, our uniforms.

We want pinafores, dungarees, the tulle skirt, and the print leggings.

The problem is, stores don’t often get these in the plus size section, so we’re left to hit up the Internet to try and find that something special that screams I AM ME! AND ME IS FABULOUS! Read More