Write For Us!

Fattitude is always looking for new writers to feature on our blog. Remember that Fattitude is an activist movement whose goal is to inspire change. We are looking for stories that inform people about the harsh and very present reality of fat shaming and fat hatred and how these things permeate popular culture. We are also looking for pieces that champion the Body Positive movement as well as those that spotlight members of the fat acceptance community.

Before you pitch to us, be sure to familiarize yourself with our blog archives and make sure that your proposal is in line with our vision. Things we are currently looking for include:

  • Profiles of ‘Body Pos’ activists
  • Personal essays on experiences being fat in the world (buying clothes, going to the doctor, dating, parenting, etc.)
  • Book, Movie or TV reviews
  • Current issues in the news regarding fat shaming or fat activism (For example: the rise of plus-sized models, fashion lines, actresses, etc.) Note: If you want to pitch about current events, stick to things that have happened in the last week.
  • Recipes
  • Fat-centric DIY (clothing hacks, beauty suggestions, travel solutions, etc.)

For more ideas, check out the different categories in the main menu of our blog. REMEMBER: No weight loss success stories!

Please send your story idea, including a clear, informative headline to info@fattitudethemovie.com