SPOTLIGHT: Body Love Badass Chrystal Bougon

BlissConnection-Chrystal-BougonChrystal Bougon, the badass founder of Curvy Girl Lingerie, is comfortable in her own skin and her hope is that all women, no matter their shape or size, feel the same way. Chrystal sees sexiness in every woman and believes they are all deserving of sensual boudoir experiences – especially those who have been made to believe the shape of their body makes them undeserving of such. She’s a warrior. A champion. And, truth be told she’s a modern Glenda – a good witch who can heal others. Through her sassy storefront in San Jose, CA, her saucy online store and her spicy mobile Pleasure Parties, she is introducing a whole new world to women who due to a lack of options and a safe place to ask questions and explore, have been simply making do in the bedroom.

Her motto, “Sexy is Not a Size,” empowers women and lets them in on a secret that could ruin billion dollar industries if it got out. What is that secret?  All women, fat, thin or somewhere in between, are attractive and relevant and all women can feel sexy each and every day. Chrystal wrote in a recent blog, “Be bold, be brave, embrace every amazing thing about you, and take pride in who you are. You are beautiful.” Chrystal isn’t in Fattitude, but we feel her mission makes her part of the Fattitude family. We asked her to share some of her inspiring Curvy Girliness with us in honor of the Summer of Big Fat Love!


1. What inspired you to speak out against weight bias?

I have been fat since the 3rd grade and I am 47 now. I have had an entire lifetime of dealing with the stigma of being a fat person in a “thin ideal” world. I am one of those lucky people that does not give a rat’s ass about what other people think about my fat body. And, I actually truly love my fat body for all of the pleasure my fat body can bring me. I feel lucky to have that kind of fortitude so I can help be the voice for the other fat people who aren’t as far along as I am on their journey to loving their amazing body. I feel really passionate about helping fat people to have a very connected, intense pleasurable sex life and I am committed to educating the world that fat bodies HAVE SEX. GASP! And, we have a lot of it. Sometimes alone and sometimes with other people who find us incredibly sexy and beautiful.

2. Why do you support Fattitude the movie?  

482829117270853550bf661cea69725e_largeI support Fattitude because it’s our turn! It’s time the world understand how the “war on obesity” affects our psyche and affects our lives. We are humans. We are people with hearts and feelings. We are contributing members of our communities. We are not lepers. We just happen to have more fat on our bodies than some people. Fattitude is going to help reduce the stigma of being a person of size and we need a whole lot more of that in the world. I am so excited for my Curvy Girl community to share it with my little corner of the world. And, I am really excited for the young men and women of the world to see it. I can only imagine what it would have been like for me when I was 12 years old to see happy fat people in a movie.

4. Tell us, what’s grosser than gross?

Grosser than gross to me are people with a narrow view of what is beautiful. Grosser than gross to me are people who hide behind their computers to spew their anti-fat rhetoric all over YouTube and other social sites.

5. What was your favorite meal ever?

So my Dad’s side of the family is from New Orleans, so I would have to say something like shrimp jambalaya, corn bread, greens with a ham hock. That is like my decadent idea of a great meal. But, really any meal I have with my family and friends is my favorite meal. (And add some biegnets in there for dessert!)

Let’s all meet at Chrystal’s! Can you say potluck! We can hear the jazz band playing through the streets already! In the meantime, you can follow Curvy Girl Lingerie on Instagram, Twitter and  Facebook.

In order to support Fattitude Chrystal has offered to donate a $100 gift certificate to curvy girl lingerie.  Join our Email List to win!

AND – of course, if you want to see Fattitude the Movie happen please donate. Every dollar counts – no donation too small!

Fattitude-DonateNowFor International Donations:

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